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…Should we be panicking right about now?

…Yes, yes we should!

Nyx: *Eyeroll*

Tyler and Aiden: …

Oh now  get it!

NF: -_-

Yep. 666 is the number of the Devil himself!



Took me forever to get my scanner to work though, ugh. But now it’ll work from now on, so yay. XD ]]


This is amazing! The Blot just looks so happy here, the same with the boys! The colors just work so well here, I love it! Amazing job on this! :D ))






This is a horrible, cold hearted event that is trying to become a national holiday. Please reblog and spred the word. to protect those who are in danger.  

This is disgusting.

if anyone tries to get near my dog i will pound their head in with the nearest object

you do not fucking threaten an animal, especially my dog >:(

((HOLY FUCK! People sicken me. Beyond all reason they just sicken me…))

((Keep your animals safe, guys))


[[Have you ever had a friend that lives far away and you haven’t heard from them in a few days, but you have no way to get a hold of them offline and you’re now worried sick about them?


That’s me right now. ;_;

Has ANYONE heard from odd-blu-scout’s mun within the past few days?? I haven’t heard from her in almost a week, she didn’t mention being offline for a little while, and I’m worried about her.]]

((Oh no. D: I haven’t heard anything from odd-blu-scout’s mod (mun) either and it’s kind of worrying. :( But if I hear anything, I’ll be sure to tell you, okay? ))



“On may 25th my day began as usual with Sobe’s eyes across my pillow whining to go outside, and Spade’s feet pressing against my back, it was our morning ritual. I let them out and noticed that Sobe who was solid white was lookin a little dingy so I decided I would put them in their cage to play while I cleaned my house and than bathe them before having them come in for the rest of the day. I walked the dogs to the backyard where their cage was, cleaned their water buckets and gave them fresh food and water, and than filled their swimming pool up so it would get semi warm for there bathes. I returned inside my home to clean and tidy the house…I was inside maybe an hour not knowing that my dogs were no longer in their cage but in the neighbors backyard.

    The dogs had pushed a small corner of their cage back and how they fit their selves through will remain a mystery to me but they did. While finishing the dishes I heard four of the most gutwrenching sounds of my life. I heard a set of two shotgun blasts, a brief pause and then a second set. Boom Boom…Boom Boom! and in that moment my heart literlly fell to the floor. I raced to my back door and screamed their names hoping to see their heads pop out of their dog house but no, I wouldnt see their faces however just beyond the sight of their cage I saw the Animal Control vehicle 200 yards from where I stood and it was then that I knew they shot them.I flew to my neighbors home where the news was delivered that “Yes Mam I was forced to shoot your dogs”

    All I asked was to have their bodies. It took me an hours worth of arguing as well as200 dollars to have them brought to my home. I was met by officers with arrogant attitudes, as if saying to me, you should be thanking me. I stopped your dogs before they killed someone or something. 

     Even still arguing with me as to where to lay their bodies, I wanted them laid on my front porch, which meant the officer would have to walk them across my yard getting his uniform bloody. He had managed to shoot them without so much as a single spec of blood getting on him and he wasnt about to get blood on his hands at the end of it. After standing there for ten minutes trying to convince me because I have a small child it would be in my best interest to allow them to dispose of the dogs because it would be distressing to her, I told the officers I believe there is no way around distressing my child. 

    As I watched the man first bring Spade to me then Sobe laying them side by side I noticed, these animals are shot in their sides not their face, not their chest! I asked the officer again,”So you shot these dogs in the side for violently charging you officer?” He replied, “Yes Mam I had no other choice.” I told the officers, “These were good dogs and had never bit anyone or anything, this officer was excessive for dogs that did not bite anyone or anything.” His supervisor looked me dead in the eyes and said and I quote, “These dogs were shot primarily for the potential harm they posed my officer.” 

    My tickets were then handed to me tickets, they had my dogs blood on them. I watched the officers return to their vehicles, no I’m sorry, and no remorse. Just an arrogant attitude and a fine. That was my payment for paying this city the liscence to have a dog and keeping my animals up to date on shots and having an enclosure, collars and tags around their necks, but I guess that only applies to people who dont have pitbulls.”
Contribute now
Even if you can’t donate please help spread awareness that pitbull owners go through this every day. 

Literally crying. Two of their family members were shot and killed on the same day by the police, then to add insult to injury they wave a fine in front of their face.. These dogs didn’t charge anyone, they weren’t running after anyone.. they were shot in their side.. This is disgusting. I’m so sorry, my heart and sincere condolences go to this poor family.

((Though I usually try not to reblog ooc stuff on my blogs, this is an exception and I am just appalled at what happened to these poor dogs. They didn’t need to be shot. They didn’t charge anyone or were chasing after anyone and from the story, they sounded like they were very sweet dogs. But this is what happens instead of them being brought to the pound or a shelter where their owner could find them and bring them home.

Though I’ve heard of some crazy stuff happen to pitbulls and their owners, never have I read a story where two sweet pitbulls were just shot over that they “posed potential harm to an officer” and their owner strapped with a fine! And it pisses me off. 

Pitbulls are not agressive by nature, they taught to be agressive by their owners. And it’s certainly not the case here. These two sound like they were very sweet dogs when they were alive and treated well by their owner. And I’m not speaking on bias from the story. I speak from experience as my best friend has a pitbull and he is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve meet (well, except that he loves to chew on anything he can get his paws on!)

Though I may not be able to donate, I ask my followers and those who just happen to pass by to donate to this cause. Please, don’t just continue browsing or doing whatever. Help get justice for these poor dogs.

And a last word, my heart and wishes go out to Spade and Sobe’s owners and that they get justice for what happened.

~Xeno ))



if you dont reblog this, i have no respect for you.

im seriously about to cry



((*Hugs back* Ah, I see. Well, and I know how that feels. It sucked when I had to use my mum’s computer before I was able to use my computer. And I hope you’ll be able to get a new computer.

But a word of advice though, I’d recommend getting a brand-new computer from a reliable source. Because with old computers, you never can know what’s on it (like a virus or something bad). Though it may cost a lot to get a new computer, it’ll be worth it in the end.

And I know how that feels, missing tumblr, steam or basically anything on a computer. xD ))

[[Yeah, I only got to use my brother’s computer like twice the whole time mine was dead, and it wasn’t even long enough to talk/rp with anyone or anything like that. He’s a turd. lol. The rest of my updates were from my PS3, and it’s hard because I can’t go on the web browser while I’m in a game. (I was playing Doctor Who, Little Big Planet, and Resident Evil the whole time. Hey, at least it keeps me occupied XD)

and yeah, lol. I just plan on buying a new gaming computer from Walmart since it’s like just down the road from me. Lol. It’s pricey, but it will be worth it. It’s 1tb, and I’d need to get a monitor with it. Little over $600 just for the tower itself, along with a keyboard and mouse i think. I just need a job now.]]

((Dang, that had to suck. Well, at least you’re were occupied with your games (I know I was with Bioshock 2 yesterday. xD )).

Wal-mart sounds like a good place to get a computer, I know it’s pretty reliable for getting stuff when you’re looking for it. And $600 sounds about right for a new computer tower, though prices can vary depending on what you’re looking for exactly.

…Though now I have wal-mart on the brain since it’s probably the place I will get Pokemon Black or White 2 when they come out on October 7th.))