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…Should we be panicking right about now?

…Yes, yes we should!

Nyx: *Eyeroll*

Tyler and Aiden: …

((I’m sorry, Rei. I mean to reply to our Rps but this whole election and stuff just has me all stressed out and feeling sick and it’s affecting my muses, I’ll try and reply when the election is over tonight or tomorrow. ))

This was too big for the ask box. XD




Rei tilted her head to the side as she heard the tone in Blot’s voice. ‘Something is up.’ She thought to herself. Blot was acting rather strange.

“Okay.” She then nodded, and crawled over to Nyx and the boys as soon as she heard him walking away. She gently nudged Nyx, to get her and the boys up. She offered to help carry one of them, and turned to Nyx. “Is Blot alright? He doesn’t seem like himself.” She whimpered softly.

The Blot only gave a low growl in response to Rei as he continued walking, not even giving a glance to see if Nyx and Rei were behind him with the boys.

“I… honestly don’t know.” Nyx wheezed in response to the huntress. “I’ve never seen him like this. Well, except maybe for this one time…” The blotling then tried to move but failed as a jolt of pain erupted through her body. She tried not to screech in pain before she then tried to float as she usually would have. It ended up working so the Blotling floated over to Tyler and carefully picked up the young halfling.

“You get Aiden, he’s just a foot away from you.” Nyx wheezed again to the huntress as she gently cradled Tyler’s unconscious body in her arms.

“Oh…” Rei quietly whined. She wanted to ask Nyx about the time she was talking about, but decided not to, as she felt that it would probably bring up some bad memories to Nyx. She quietly wondered to herself what could have happened.

She nodded, and pawed at the ground nearby until she felt Aiden. She carefully scooped up the boy in her arms and started to follow Blot’s scent.

[[I’m not sure if I’ve asked before, but how old are the boys? o3o ]]

Nyx didn’t reply to Rei but she did frown a bit. Her mind then began to wander. That event come up in her mind. When the Blot… She couldn’t even bring herself to finish that sentence so she only shook her head. It wasn’t time to think about that.

Then the Blotling proceeded to follow the Huntress. Though a bit shakily due to her damaged wings and poor eyesight but Nyx kept herself afloat. After all, who else was going to carry Tyler?

((Well… The boys about a few months old (They were created about June-July) in Blotling years but they’re around (and look) 7-9 years old in human years. Mostly due to how Blotlings (and half-blotlings to a degree) don’t age as much as other creatures do. The Blot is an example as he’s over 84 years old yet he looks at least in his mid to late 20’s. I hope that answered your question. ^ ^; ))

ask-3llis replied to your post: Confess!
[[*huntress mun is amused XD* Pfft don’t worry Blot, it’s normal for muns to mess with their muses. I do it to Ellis and my other muses all the time XD]]

((*Not the only Muse amused by all this* xD (Which reminds me, I really need to log into my other RP accounts. O O Or I’ll probably just delete them since I don’t use them as much as I should.))

Pfft! Yeah right!

((Oh shut up, Blot! Yeah, I have to agree with you there. I tend to torture my muses for my various characters a lot more then I should. But I guess it comes with the territory off having a creative mind! xD ))

((But in all actuality, I ended up mentally shipping your Huntress with Blot after we started Rping them a little inwards into the RP. o O And it hasn’t stopped since.

^ ^; And I normally don’t ship anything at all! (Unless it’s my own characters.))


Wait, who’s Nick? ((Oh god, I’m just laughing right now, when I probably shouldn’t be! xD ))

Oh, he’s this feller Ah travelled wit’ durin’ th’ apocalypse. He was perdy grumpy most a’ th’ time though.

[[Lolol XD]]

Oh, I see. I think the mod mentioned him once or twice, I think it was something along the lines of that he was a real grump, like you said. But I don’t know…

((Yep! xD)) 


[[Since it’s past midnight here, I can officially say that my birthday is tomorrow!

Hard to believe I’ll be 21. >u>


Also, it will be my Ellis’ birthday too, so if you guys can swing by my ask-3llis askbox on Thursday, that’d be awesome c: He’ll be 26~]]

((Happy (early) birthday! :D Ah, I’m actually a bit jealous of you (it’s only a little bit so don’t worry.) at the moment. My birthday doesn’t come around until the very last day of october… T T But enough of that! Again, happy (early) birthday!

Oh, and I’ll have to make a note for thursday so my blogs can wish Ellis a happy birthday. ^ ^))


Haha, time flies by perdy fast! Mine an’ mun’s birthday is in less than a week! (the 23rd)

[[Also, sorry I haven’t been very active here. No one ever talks to me on this blog anymore for some reason. Did we scare y’all away? :c ]]

Time does fly fast, especially here in Wasteland. But happy early Birthday, for you and your mod! My own mod’s birthday is in like… I can’t remember! It was like… The 31st of October or something?

((It’s all fine. I myself haevn’t been very active with my other blogs (which I should be…). I would send stuff to ya but life (as it’s known to do), kept getting in the way. ^ ^; ))



o O What the f! *Jumps and clings to the Blot*

What the hell, mod? It’s just a pic that… happens to be really creepy.

Oops heheheh ^^’

((Eheheh… That’s okay. :) I’m over it now. I think…))