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The Blot’s (Accidental) Introduction to…

Damn, this has been a long day… Huh, what’s this? *Sees the Mod’s computer unoccupied* Well… *Looks around* I guess a peek won’t hurt. (Even though the mod will probably kill me…)

…What is this? H-Hetalia? What the hell is that? *Continues watching video of a random Hetalia: Axis Powers episode* What the hell are theses guys doing? *Continues watching*

…So, this show (I believe the mod called them “anime” or something like that) is basically the countries of that planet called Earth (I think the mod is from there or something) personified and goofing around or something? I’ll never understand what the humans do to entertain themselves…

…Why do I have the sudden feeling that either something weird or possibly bad is going to happen?